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DEMU is a music rights protocol that willautomate the direct payment of music royaltiesto the rights holders of the music, every time the song is played, sold, used, or derived from, acrossanyplatform.
We are building the future of music

The Protocol

Music app developers can build music-related apps, products or services atop the DEMU protocol, with the challenge of paying music royalties already solved.
Developer Tools
Integrate and build across Web3
Catalog Management
For artists and record labels
Secured by Cardano
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We believe music doesn’t have to be delivered in a way that hurts the labels and the artists. It can be done fairly, cheaply and transparently.
Welcome to the future of music!
Complete control over your catalog of music
Own the customer relationship and enrich the experience of being a fan
Seamless Web3 Integration
Faster royalty payment settlement times
Access to a global music marketplace
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Music Incubator

DEMU is supporting both the arts and decentralization!

Here’s how our pool-of-pools works:
Artists present projects to be funded: bands making music videos, engineers upgrading their audio rigs, EPs and everything in between. Delegators pledge the funds earned from staking to the projects they want to support. Small, independent stake pools that sign up with our Music Incubator receive the delegations they need in order to keep the blockchain running.

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Pay a token, play a song.

Artists can directly serve their music on any website they embed the Jukebox app on; all the audience has to do is connect their crypto wallet to the website. Thanks to the DEMU protocol, royalties are auto-distributed to rights-holders.